5 Benefits of Meditation Practice

This list couldn’t possibly list the top 5, but here are five benefits to a meditation practice. Note that this isn’t the more general mindfulness practice; this is simply for meditation practice specifically.

1. It is a healthy form of “escape”

It really isn’t escape at all, but a lot of the same feelings that cause people to reach for a drink or a cigarette when they are at their wit’s end and need a change of pace can be handled much more healthily through meditation. Your perspective will be different coming out of even ten minutes of meditation, and in a very good way.

2. Regenerate and invigorate

Speaking of coming home, for a lot of people the end of the work day is the end of productivity. Time to grab a beer, have dinner, have another beer, and watch TV until it’s time for bed. With 20 minutes of meditation, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Do more with your day. Feel better about it.

3. Improve your health

Meditation helps your health by reducing stress. Stress does bad things to your body. Take just about any symptom you could experience (nausea, pain, heart trouble, skin trouble, mouth trouble, etc) and it could be caused or exacerbated by stress and anxiety.

Failing to deal with stress can and probably will kill you. This isn’t fear mongering; if meditation and this system aren’t for you, then do something else like exercise or some hobby you enjoy. Just do something to control your stress.

4. Insight and perspective

When you free your mind from the noise of the day-to-day, the results can be enlightening. Your mind is busy trying to process a lot of information it’s not able to process that it just doesn’t have time to get to some of the issues most pressing in your life.

Is your mind supposed to wander during a meditation? Of course not. But if you have a great insight, write it down before you go back to your meditation!

5. Me time

We’re told about how self-centered we are as a society every day. Care more about others. Stop buying things you don’t need. Think about society as a whole and not just your own concerns. The list goes on.

Newsflash: if people had a good sense of self-identity they wouldn’t be reaching out to materialism, entertainment every waking hour of the day, and lashing out with selfish actions.

A meditation practice allows a person to focus on their sense of self and their direction moving forward every day in a healthy, productive way. Don’t discount that.

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