Audio Meditation Supplements: White Noise

One of the most common technology supplements to a meditation practice is an audio track. These comes in various forms, including guided meditations, nature sounds, and the subject of this post, white noise.

What is white noise?

White noise is essentially a uniform, blank noise, that sounds a lot like the “static” of older televisions (can you believe many of the children of today have no idea what noise I’m referring to?). Variants on different spectrums include “pink” and “brown” noise.

What is the use for meditation?

You may not realize it but it’s a pretty loud world out there. A lot of those sounds are distracting. White noise is an innocuous way to drown them out.

For many people, white noise also helps to “drown out” their thoughts. Have you or do you know people who always have the TV on for at least background noise once they get home. Do you know people who are uncomfortable with silences. Are you one of these people?

White noise gives these people something to help occupy their minds. While it’s not ideal, it’s a perfectly good crutch to start off with.

What about oscillation?

With oscillation (which moves the volume in and out) the noise can be made less oppressive than many people find it initially. It is less uniform and therefore attracts the mind more.

Oscillation also brings back memories of ocean waves, often cited as a calming ambiance.

Where can I try it?

The best is always going to be produced tracks, but when I’m at the office I like to use

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