mindfulness and water: breathe water and drink air

Drink. Water.


Drink. Water. Drink water. Seriously, drink water. Water will make your body and mind happy. Drink drink drink water.

Also breathe. Breathing is good. Breathing makes your body and mind happy because then body and mind have enough oxygen that they don’t have to worry about it. When they don’t have to ration, they do better.

Breathe water and drink air

I like to think of optimal breathing and drinking habits this way. You should really be constantly drinking water throughout the day. Always have a glass of water to sip whenever you think about it. This is far preferable to coffee and will probably improve your energy level even more.

Making water intake a practically unconscious thing will improve your life. You probably don’t realize how dehydrated you often are throughout the day, but you are. When you are dehydrated you don’t think as well and get anxious more easily.

You should also drink in air. Deep breaths when you are stressed. This blog talks about breath a lot in relation to anxiety because it is so crucial to both body and mind. When you breathe in deeply, you slow down an unconscious activity in your brain, which often works by itself to slow down your other thoughts. Even when the mind is humming too quickly for that, it still gives your body more oxygen. Oxygen is good.

It also clears out the stale air in your lungs that can otherwise stay there for several breaths. People don’t come anywhere close to fully emptying out their lungs when they exhale. As such the process is more gradual. When you fully empty out your lungs, it is cleansing. It is a quick cleanse.

Drink air. Breathe water. When you do this, and eat well, your body is fully stocked to take on whatever comes. It works optimally. This is good.

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