is poetry the most mindful art form?

Is poetry the most mindful art form?

In a way, yes. In a way, no. For the people of the monkey mind, it could be argued, poetry promotes mindfulness. For those experienced with mindfulness?

Let’s take a step back. What is any art form, as relates to consciousness? I would argue that it is a packaged dream. Many people live constantly as in a dream, touching back with reality but living much of their life in their mind. Art provides another, odd sense of reality.

It stimulates a dream state and pulls people away from their normal reality. It is like a packaged dream.

Now, if mindfulness is about constantly bringing oneself back (which is certainly one way of looking at it) then what medium requires the reader to do this more than poetry? Visual art, music, movies…all make it easy lose yourself.

In poetry, you engage. It is enforced. A mindful person will engage with all art as they engage with the world. But poetry enforces the attention or there is no art experience.

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  • Israel

    It’s  possible to imply art is something extra, external, done or created?
    It’s something that only a few can create, appreciate or enjoy and in the same sense, poetry?

    Wouldn’t like to even consider there are things in life, personal experiences, that are limited to the few…..

    • Brian Miles

       Thanks for the comment. I don’t think only a few people CAN enjoy or appreciate poetry or any other art form. However I do think that different people engage at different levels with art, and that some people get more out of it than others, in terms of enjoyment. Mindful people will often immerse themselves more fully in art than those who are distracted.