well, what about affirmations?

People who have a negative attitude are probably going to fail in life. It’s not rocket science; if a person’s mind is used to processing negative thoughts, it’s going to be easier for it to continue down that path. Self-fulfilling prophecies end up fulfilled.

But why is it such a big deal if you don’t mean it?

How important is intuition to your day to day life? How important could it be? The unconscious mind is capable of more than we often give it credit for. When you’ve forgotten something and then remember it later, did you remember it through conscious effort?

No. You figured it out because the unconscious mind came up with the answer and gave it to your conscious mind on a platter.

What about moments of inspiration in the shower? What about Archimedes in the shower with his Eureka moment? What about waking up in the middle of the night with an idea, like Larry Page did when he realized they could download the internet and SEARCH IT.

All this talk about the unconscious mind is another way of saying it’s important, and affirmations are for that part of the mind. If the language component of your brain is constantly processing positive thoughts, like “I can do this” and “I will be successful today,” it will have an easier time getting there. In fact, it often will work backwards from the moment of celebration to fix the problem at hand, always with the goal of that thought in mind as its reward.

In the future I’ll post some more detailed techniques surrounding affirmations. For now I’ll just say they’re important. Always keep ‘em wanting more! :)

Positive Thoughts! With consistent work, you will be successful!

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