why mindfulness?

Do you have a “monkey mind?’

Do you find that you can’t unwind after a long day? Do you sometimes feel as though your mind gets away from you? Do you find yourself unable to connect at home because you’re too “zoned out?”

If you procrastinate, if you feel burned out, if you can’t concentrate on the things you want to when you want to, then you’re a candidate for improving your mental fitness.

Developing mindfulness can solve all of this.

Monkey Mind?

Meditation practitioners often to refer to unfocused or undisciplined minds as “monkey minds,” like a monkey hopping from branch to branch. It’s hard to know where the monkey will go next.

Sometimes this can be beneficial, for instance with creative endeavors. But sometimes you want or even need to focus. More and more people are able to do this less and less in a constantly accelerating, information saturated world.

Frankly, the metaphor might be outdated. A monkey is too slow. Maybe “hummingbird mind” or even “caffeinated fly mind” would be more accurate!

Do you think old-school monks ever received fifty emails and ten phone calls in an hour? Do you think they carried a smartphone to be on call all day? Do you think they sat on their laptop while watching TV to unwind?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is mindfulness techniques can help your mental health and your quality of life. It can help you to rejuvenate your mind more efficiently. It can help you concentrate when you want to on what you want to. It will help if you stick with it.

The Fusion Mindfulness System provides the tools to make sticking with mindfulness training painless. As you develop your practice and see changes in your life moment to moment, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without a sense of mindfulness in your life.